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  • Is it possible to integrate the Abitari Kiosk into my PMS?
    Yes, the Kiosk can be integrated into any PMS free of charge. We have already completed our integration with over 80 PMSs. The entire process can be done within a couple of minutes. If you work with a PMS, which has not yet established an integration with Abitari, the onboarding process may vary. Either way we never charge any fees for any efforts related to do the integration process. Please reach out to our customer support service, if you have any questions or need more information!
  • Whats the difference between Abitari and other Kiosks on the market?
    Abitari has a totally new and innovative approach. With Abitari you can transform any tablet or computer into a multifunctional Check-in and Check-out Kiosk. Previously this technology had only been affordable for high end hotels with big budgets. With the Abitari, also Hotels with small or medium budgets can afford to offer a Kiosk, because hotels already have most of the necessary hardware. The next important point is to mention the compatibility with all PMS, giving hoteliers flexibility when it comes to changing software or hardware.
  • What languages can the Kiosk operate in?
    As of now, Abitari can be operated in 10 languages, but we are happy to implement additional languages.
  • Which hardware is necessary in order to work with the Kiosk?
    You can choose how you want to build and how you want to present the kiosk. However we recommend the following devices to set up the Kiosk: - Tablet (Android/Apple) or any kind of computer - Keycard reader/writer - Webcam - Receipt printer
  • Do I need an internet connection?
    Yes. You will need an internet connection, in order to update data with you PMS.
  • How much does the installation cost?
    The entire installation process is free of charge and our team is more than happy to assist you with questions along the way.
  • How difficult is it to use the Kiosk?
    The Abitari Kiosk was designed to make the customer journey as easy as possible. Just like using a regular Bank ATM, you need to follow a handful of steps to complete the Check-in/Out.
  • What happens, if the internet connection breaks down in my Hotel?"
    For most companies in the tourism industry, internet is inevitable for operations. For the time being, you would have to check in guest in person. Once the internet is running, you will be able to use the Kiosk again.
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